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Your health is our priority, so we have adopted special measures to keep every client safe during and after each activity:

  • Wellness check – Employees receive daily wellness checks in a timely manner to ensure they are healthy and symptom free, namely:
  • Hand hygiene: They wash their hands frequently with soap and water for at least at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer that has at least 70o of alcohol, covering all surfaces of the hands and rubbing them dry;
  • Respiratory etiquette: coughing or sneezing into the flexed forearm or carrying a tissue, that afterwards must be immediately thrown away; They always wash their hands after coughing or sneezing; They avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with their hands;
  • Social conduct: we’ve changed the frequency and form of contact between employees avoiding (when possible) close contact, handshakes, kisses, shared work, face-to-face meetings and the share of food, utensils, glasses and towels;
  • Daily self-monitoring: measuring body temperature, checking for cough or difficulty in breathing;
  • Information to all customers: information on how to comply with the basic precautions for prevention and infection control in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak is made available to all customers, as well as informing the internal protocol for the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

We assure you that we ensure:

  • The maximum occupation of the means of transport used in the activities in accordance with the recommendations of the General Directorate of Health.
    Compliance with internal hygiene and safety protocols by partners involved in the activities.
  • That there is always a collaborator at the service responsible for triggering the procedures in case of suspected infection (accompanying the person with symptoms to the isolation space, providing the necessary assistance and contacting the national health service).
  • The storage of waste produced by clients suspected of infection in a plastic bag that, after being closed, must be segregated and sent to a licensed operator for the management of hospital waste with biological risk.
  • If someone in your group has symptoms, we will work directly with you to cancel or reschedule your tour.
  • Hygiene or disinfection: after each activity, according to the rules applicable to each type of transport, the means of transport used are sanitized and disinfected.

We commit to fully comply with all the rules and requirements for obtaining the “Clean & Safe” seal of Turismo de Portugal.

Madeira details Standardization Plan for Air Accessibility


The Government of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (RAM) has defined, in relation to the Standardization Plan for Air Accessibility, to be in force as of July 1, with regard to travelers to the airports of Madeira and Porto Santo: