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4×4 Madeira West Tour

Quick Details

Adult 12+ years old
Child 6-11 years old
Infant Under 6 years old

Madeira west island tour

The ride to the west side (Porto Moniz) starts with the pick-up of the clients in the hotel where they are staying, then we leave toward the Ribeira Brava with passage through Câmara de Lobos to observe the bay.

Further, ahead we pass through the village of Campanário where we make a brief stop for photos of the Fajã dos Padres.

The next stop will be in the viewpoint overlooking Ribeira Brava and towards the Ponta do Sol. At the top, we can see the mountains of Paul da Serra and Encumeada. It is possible, at sea, to observe the fish breamers.

We leave Ribeira Brava towards the mountain going up Ponta do Sol toward the Canhas. Going up on the steep road we pass through the agricultural fields of banana production, sugar cane, potatoes, etc.

We continue off the road between the eucalyptus forest where we arrived at Sitio do Pinheiro, a small and remote village with about 60 inhabitants.

Stop in the Rochão area, in the local bar, for WC and coffee.

After the stop for coffee, follow the ascent to Paul da Serra at about 1,400 meters altitude with some stops to appreciate the surrounding nature and start the descent for lunch in Porto Moniz.

Before arrival, there is an off-road section connecting to the parish of Lamaceiros and Miradouro Redondo with views of Porto Moniz and its famous natural pools.

Lunch in the restaurant and after lunch guests have the opportunity to explore the village or dive in the pools.

The next destination passes through Ribeira da Janela, a village on the north coast housed in one of the longest valleys on the island of Madeira. Here, by the sea, you can see the Ilhéu da Ribeira.

Already in the following town, Seixal, a parish very abundant in water, the proof is the several cascades in this quiet village. The most famous is the Bride’s Veil where it includes a photo stop on this cascade that springs from the mountain at a considerable height hitting the sea.

Going from Seixal towards São Vicente, up in the valley there is the Capela do Pico da Cova, its construction dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima was built by the population in 1948 to celebrate the end of World War II.

The last stop will be at Cabo Girão, famous for its cliff, the second-highest in the world, 580 meters high. This viewpoint is very well known for its panoramic views.